View/download Geoengineering Watch’s booklet “GEOENGINEERING: A Chronicle of Indictment” HERE. Page 6 states, “Data does not indicate any direct involvement of commercial carrier pilots or personnel.” If no commercial airline personnel were involved in these geoengineering military-ops which use commercial aircraft and facilities then are government/military personnel using commercial aircraft/equipment/facilities to fly commercial passengers while executing these military-ops? If so, are these passengers notified of the military nature of the flight? To declare non-involvement does NOT mean that there is no knowledge or awareness of these operations by airline pilots, management, or personnel in their company’s criminal role in the geoengineering of the planet. If they are aware, then they certainly ARE involved by simply performing their normal jobs. Or, are the pilots of these aircraft simply unwitting agents totally unaware of the physical modifications made to their aircraft which now emit billowing chemtrails that extend miles behind their craft? Any passenger or other lay person could easily identify and locate such aircraft modifications if they knew what to look for.

Do these “unwitting” pilots never ever talk or meet with their brethren of other aircraft and airlines who have observed their aircraft’s flight behavior. At the outset this seems incredulous even if all of these emissions were centrally controlled by a sophisticated satellite based command and control system. The video is in Portuguese and was filmed at an airport in Brazil and shows where the chemical gallons are hidden at the airport, how they are loaded onto the plane and how they are fired inside the cabin during the flight. Even though dihydrogen monoxide=water, are special procedures required of pilots to activate/deactivate chemtrail production or is the entire process managed externally using unmodified standard issue airline equipment? The precision and efficacy of many spraying operations would seem to preclude independent actions of a single pilot or crew. The easiest ways to prove or disprove these assertions are to conduct random aircraft inspections, acquire subpoened records, conduct depositions of employees, monitor the arrival and departure gates of these scheduled commercial flights looking for bona fide passengers, observe aircraft fueling operations looking for unusual activity, then determine from the airlines the names of the pilots and their employment status with the airlines. You can legally record your personal phone calls without having to notify the recipient of your call that the call is being recorded. We can use our handy dandy site to track and identify any aircraft in question. Just click on any yellow aircraft of interest. If these pilots are acting as government agents and the airlines refuse to divulge information on pilot status, then Freedom of Information requests to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) should return some revealing answers.

Regardless, if passengers STOPPED PAYING TO FLY OR SHIP on United Airlines, Southwest, Delta, American Eagle, American and other exposed perpetrators and let it be widely known why, who gives a rooty poot about the effects of the courts or the law? We’d be playing winning hands in another domain where these perpetrators have NO power.}

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Powerful media giants continue feeding us steady diets of stories, games, music, and images of exploitation, mayhem, helplessness, victimization, sexism, murder, adultery, preposterous wealth, torture, drugs, deceit, vampires, zombies, thuggery, glorified gangsterism, demonic spirits, horror, war, despair, brutality, crime, vengeance, sex, addiction, psychic disorders, occultism, savagery, lust, hate, prejudicial beauty/virtue standards, and stale mind-numbing escapism. Never underestimate the power of the subliminal messaging in this media content to accustom your subconscious to your further takeover and control. The groundwork is being laid and we are being deliberately manipulated for easier subjugation. The “collusion” between Hollywood and complicit agencies like the CIA is clear. Hollywood has played a little known role as a propaganda machine for the US national security apparatus for many years. Carefully look at the proportion (you’ll be shocked) of currently available movie fare that embodies these themes rather than embodying themes that uplift, transform, and inspire. “Just coincidence”, you say? After a steady diet of this psychic fare (garbage in, garbage out), what normal person would ever be in a position or mindset to connect and collaboratively formulate creative solutions and healing to man-made problems that beset humanity, earth lifeforms, and Mother Earth herself? These incapacitating but profitable offerings by these media giants stifle any visions of progress and action we might otherwise take to deliver ourselves out of the quagmires our modern societies have created that affect the entire world. Why do these companies market and sell this awful content?? Could it be:

  • Predictive Programming is aimed at creating “world culture” and has been assigned to Hollywood to carry out. “Predictive Programming” refers to the use of entertainment and other cultural artifacts to introduce us to planned societal changes. As we come to see these potential changes as familiar, we also have an easier time imagining them to be normal, acceptable, and inevitable, no matter how heinous.
  • Social engineering by an elite few? (neutralization and control)
  • Prophecy?
  • Conspiratorial takeover and mind-control through strategically embedded thought police?
  • Greed? (whatever sells)
  • Cultivated Apathy?
  • Cloaked suppression of liberating technologies through powerful diversions?
  • Rampaging decadence?
  • Modern “divide and conquer” algorithms for fun and profit?
  • Conditioned acceptance of streams of manufactured crises?
  • Non-disruption of the current order (disorder)?
  • Karma?
  • Improperly tuned/authored “New World Order”?
  • Stupidity?????


    Talking With One Another Is Loving One Another
    Talking With One Another Is Loving One Another

  • Vote with your feet and/or pocketbook
  • Contribute your uplifting stories and discoveries to the global pool
  • As a free enlightened agent, regain control/understanding of the narratives affecting your well-being
  • Spread awareness (articles, blogs, email, texts, advertisements, social media, art forms, workshops)
  • Activist collaborations
  • Dump or carefully scrutinize cable/satellite television’s agenda-packed (often subliminal) content
  • Values-ladened family time stories and sharing
  • Notify content creators & distributors saying what you DO want. Money is sharper than a sword.
  • Dinner table/classroom discussions and viewing vetted movies like this one above presented by the W.E.L.L. Project (We Enjoy Lifelong Learning). Subscribe to this blog and be automatically notified when a new W.E.L.L. Project movie is posted. Visit HERE to view a constantly growing list of W.E.L.L. Project movies currently available to watch online.

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