How would you like for your charter school students to freely chat, share, and collaborate with international students who are learning English? Everybody will win in this adventure. Your Virtual World is making this possible for your students, because we can.

In the late 1960’s I served as an assistant teacher in a fourth grade class as well as the multi-cultural studies pilot project organizer for the school. One of the initiatives I began was to coordinate a pen-pal program between our elementary school and elementary school students on American Indian reservations in the state of California. To my great dismay, after contacting, then traveling to 13 different reservation schools, the administrators on the reservation schools flatly rejected adopting any project or program that would have put my school’s students in direct contact with their native american peers. The reason(s) for their rejections were never explicitly put forth and remain a mystery to this day but the bottom line was that there was to be absolutely no one-on-one contact with other children outside of the reservations. Perhaps such an initiative would receive a different response today.

U.S. Charter Schools
U.S. Charter Schools
Fortunately, there has been an entire movement by students, parents, teachers, and administrators who are more than willing to try new things. This mindset is embodied in the charter school movement. The willingness to try new things is not confined to the United States by any means. The Escuela Nueva (New School) model of education has been practiced in Colombia for over 40 years because they needed something dramatically better to overcome the inertia of poverty and isolation. Desperate but thoughtful communities in the U.S. are often willing to try new, experimental things — online education, charter schools, longer school days, no summer vacation, and co-op programs. Some school districts are making bold moves to prepare their students to be competitive in a globalized world. The school district in Macon, Georgia is pushing ALL of its students to learn Mandarin Chinese, the most widely spoken language on earth. As a counterpoint, Chinese families are pouring very large portions of family resources into making sure that their children can speak English and thereby greatly increase the chances of their children attending college in China or even in the United States. The daughter of China’s current leader attends Harvard University.


Your Virtual World is providing the opportunity for charter school students and others to freely chat with students from all over the world who have come to this web site to learn English. See the chat window at the bottom of each of our blog pages. When the power to provide channels of communication among the world’s peoples is held by the people themselves and not by administrators or governments who may wish to choke off that communication, then we can collaborate because we can communicate.

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