Ask yourself how you can use the following newfound knowledge to close down the geoengineering crimes against humanity taking place above your head.

Pay very close attention to these three facts below and their implications:
1. Banks accept payments in the form of Bills of Exchange

2. Banks accept payments in the form of Promissory Notes

3. Reference to the Bills of Exchange Act(s) and High Court Rule(s) vary with each country. You’ll have to research what these are in your country and print them accordingly onto your Promissory Note as discussed within the video. In the United States, Articles 3 and 4 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) govern the issuance and transfer of negotiable instruments, unless the instruments are governed by Article 8 of the UCC. The various state law enactments of UCC §§ 3–104(a) through (d) set forth the legal definition of what is and what is not a negotiable instrument.

Thanks to Michael Tellinger for sharing his secret(s) about how banking cartels are able to create money from thin air then go on to turn that imaginary value into true wealth. He discloses that YOU too can use these laws and policies for your own benefit. The very banking and financial system that has disrupted the lives of so many can be turned upon itself in your favor. Listen very carefully to Michael.

Sample Promissory Note (click to enlarge)
Sample Promissory Note (click to enlarge)

“Friday, 2 January 2015
I have had hundreds of emails from people wanting more details about the promissory note payments. So here it is. Adapt it to your needs and create your own NOTE on fancy paper with fancy borders and artwork to make it appear as legal as possible. It is all just baffling them with the same BS that they use to baffle us with.

NB: DO NOT pay other people or businesses with this form of payment – they are trapped in this system just like you are. ONLY use your own promissory notes for paying BANKS, Sheriffs, Tax Office sand other Government departments that uphold the rights of banks and are governed by the laws upheld by the Judiciary.

Remember that you are not breaking the law in any way – you are using your legal right to create your own promise to pay note – the law allows you to pay with promissory notes in most countries – it is clearly spelled out in the BANK Act and also in the Banks’ Articles of Association. It is up to the recipient to state that they do not accept your form of payment, in which case they have to prove in the court that your NOTE is defective and that it it does not comply with the ACT.

We suggest that in the UK and other countries, where it still states as such, the promissory note may not need the Terms & Conditions of payment, but be a pure “promissory note”. The state will claim that their notes are underwritten by the treasury and therefore have value – which is not really true. Because the state depends on the goodwill of the people to have “trust” in the state currency, which is an empty promise to pay, since the currency is not supported by any precious metals.

The people, on the other hand, may claim that their Promissory Notes are underwritten by the One People’s Public Trust 1776, of which every living breathing human being is automatically a beneficiary and therefore can use the TRUST to underwrite their own promissory notes. The One People’s Public Trust 1776 was established on 10 September 2012, by its own Declaration and Order, lodged with UCC office in Washington, DC, under filing number 2012096074 and is a bona fide TRUST of the people of the planet.

Please study the sample Promissory Note carefully (click on the image to enlarge it) and/or download the image HERE. Get to understand it and what its function is and what is actually written on it. It was specifically created for the South African legal system – so you may need to adapt it for your country’s legal references on the top right hand side. This sample Promissory Note is suitable for South Africa and other countries where the existing money no longer states “I promise to pay the bearer”.

In the UK or other countries where the money still says “Promise to pay on demand” the money is actually worth the 10 pound of sterling silver that it claims to pay on demand. In such countries you do not need the TERMS & CONDITIONS on your own Note, as this South African note displays – because we have FIAT currency that has no value at all – so we have to work around using the prescribe “legal tender” money that circulates in the country.

Create a catalogue list where you record the NOTE number – which you made up and wrote on top of note.

Make up any number that makes sense to you. I chose MJTPN001 / MJTPN002, etc.

Keep the catalogue list in a safe place.

Print out the original NOTE in colour on HALF the page – portrait.

Write in Blue ink right under the note the following line by hand.
“The original note is signed in BLUE ink”
This will prevent anyone from copying it and claiming it is the original – colour copiers may cause problems.

Then take it to the cops to stamp – date it below the note on the same paper – sign it in front of the police.
Also take along a letter (2 copies of the same letter)- as proof of delivery – it also needs to be stamped.
Also sign in front of cops – let them stamp and date both copies.

Then make a black and white photo copy of the original colour NOTE – before you deliver the TWO sets.
One set for the bank/lawyers – and One set (the copy) for you.

Deliver to the legal document receiving office at the lawyers OR the postal/legal document receiving of the bank offices – NOT the bank itself.

Ask the person receiving it to stamp all four. 2 originals and 2 copies for you.

Put the two originals in an envelope and seal it addressed to the CFO – or CEO
Sometimes the lawyers are a small company where the receptionist receives the post and legal documents – in that case make the receptionist stamp all four and do the same.

Take your 2 copies with you as proof of delivery.

You have just concluded the delivery of a Negotiable Instrument in accordance with the Bills of Exchange Act.

The deal is concluded upon deliver according to the ACT.

Stand your ground. They have to raise objection within 7 days if I understand it correctly.
Claim that you paid with a lawful document – and they need to launch a new legal action against you showing why your form of payment is not accepted.

Use my case of payment by Promissory Note as a precedent in South Africa.

If they do not respond to one delivery – you have a precedent of acceptance of one payment – and therefore they have to accept all others from you.

Be strong and fearless – know what you are doing – be informed.

If they have not come to collect the first payment on the 7th of the month – as indicated under
TERMS & CONDITIONS – it means that they have sold the note and are no longer interested in collecting the money. This is what you have to assume – if ever asked.

Have fun – stay strong.

I have now paid STD bank with 4 notes – dating back to 13 June 2013.

In love, light and unity – Michael Tellinger”

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Powerful media giants continue feeding us steady diets of stories, games, music, and images of exploitation, mayhem, helplessness, victimization, sexism, murder, adultery, preposterous wealth, torture, drugs, deceit, vampires, zombies, thuggery, glorified gangsterism, demonic spirits, horror, war, despair, brutality, crime, vengeance, sex, addiction, psychic disorders, occultism, savagery, lust, hate, prejudicial beauty/virtue standards, and stale mind-numbing escapism. Never underestimate the power of the subliminal messaging in this media content to accustom your subconscious to your further takeover and control. The groundwork is being laid and we are being deliberately manipulated for easier subjugation. Carefully look at the proportion (you’ll be shocked) of currently available movie fare that embodies these themes rather than embodying themes that uplift, transform, and inspire. “Just coincidence”, you say? After a steady diet of this psychic fare (garbage in, garbage out), what normal person would ever be in a position or mindset to connect and collaboratively formulate creative solutions and healing to man-made problems that beset humanity, earth lifeforms, and Mother Earth herself? These incapacitating but profitable offerings by these media giants stifle any visions of progress and action we might otherwise take to deliver ourselves out of the quagmires our modern societies have created that affect the entire world. Why do these companies market and sell this awful content?? Could it be:

  • Predictive Programming is aimed at creating “world culture” and has been assigned to Hollywood to carry out. “Predictive Programming” refers to the use of entertainment and other cultural artifacts to introduce us to planned societal changes. As we come to see these potential changes as familiar, we also have an easier time imagining them to be normal, acceptable, and inevitable, no matter how heinous.
  • Social engineering by an elite few? (neutralization and control)
  • Prophecy?
  • Conspiratorial takeover and mind-control through strategically embedded thought police?
  • Greed? (whatever sells)
  • Cultivated Apathy?
  • Cloaked suppression of liberating technologies through powerful diversions?
  • Rampaging decadence?
  • Modern “divide and conquer” algorithms for fun and profit?
  • Conditioned acceptance of streams of manufactured crises?
  • Non-disruption of the current order (disorder)?
  • Karma?
  • Improperly tuned/authored “New World Order”?
  • Stupidity?????


    Talking With One Another Is Loving One Another
    Talking With One Another Is Loving One Another

  • Vote with your feet and/or pocketbook
  • Contribute your uplifting stories and discoveries to the global pool
  • As a free enlightened agent, regain control/understanding of the narratives affecting your well-being
  • Spread awareness (articles, blogs, email, texts, advertisements, social media, art forms, workshops)
  • Activist collaborations
  • Dump or carefully scrutinize cable/satellite television’s agenda-packed (often subliminal) content
  • Values ladened family time stories and sharing
  • Notify content creators & distributors saying what you DO want. Money is sharper than a sword.
  • Dinner table/classroom discussions and viewing vetted movies like this one above presented by the W.E.L.L. Project (We Enjoy Lifelong Learning). Subscribe to this blog and be automatically notified when a new W.E.L.L. Project movie is posted. Visit HERE to view a constantly growing list of W.E.L.L. Project movies currently available to watch online.

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