VIDEO – “Little Blue Car”


[ Narrator ] This is the story of Susie.
She was a beautiful new car,
and she sat in her big auto showroom all day long
flirting with the people passing by.
One day her flashing grill caught the eye
of a neat little man in a brown suit.
When he saw Susie, it was love at first sight.
Isn’t she a beauty ?
Why, she’s the sweetest little car money can buy.
I know you’ll be happy with her.
Now if you’ll just sign here, my friend, she’s all yours.
[ Narrator ] It was as simple as that, and Susie was sold.
Susie was a happy little car, as she glided down the avenue.
[ Honk, Honk ]
[ Bell ]
[ Bell ]
The minute she stepped out on the main drag,
Susie found herself in pretty fast company.
[ Trolley Bell Clanging ]
[ Car Horns ]
But then, she had a lot of pep and pickup,
and she soon learned her way around.
Susie loved the parking-lot society,
where she could rub fenders with the best of them.
She met all the big wheels–
big cabs, dignified limousines.
Oh, it was a great place to make new contacts.
Whoop! [ Chuckles ] Sorry.
But at the end of the day, it felt mighty good to be home
in her own cozy little garage,
where she could just… relax and
let her tires cool off.
But as the years passed, Susie’s mileage rolled up,
and she began to show her age.
[ Coughing ]
[ Bell ]
Her color was fading and
she developed carburetor trouble. [ Bell ]
[ Engine Cranking ]
And she was losing some of her old pep and pickup too.
[ Trolley Bell Dinging ]
Hey, cut the stallin’ !
Get movin’ ! – [ Engine Cranking ]
[ Engine Sputtering ]
Susie was all run-down and long overdue for a checkup.
[ Coughing ]
Well, ‘fraid she’s in pretty bad shape, mister.
Fact is, she needs a complete overhaul.
[ Owner Sighing ] No, no. What I need is a new car.
[ Man On P.A. ] Come in and see Maniac Martin !
[ Cackling ]
We’re not selling ‘em, folks. We’re giving them away.
[ Cackling ] We know we’re crazy.
[ Narrator ] What was to become of Susie ?
Who would want a worn-out old coupe ?
Hey, Mac. I’ll take this here old blue coupe.
[ Narrator ] Now it was back streets and dark alleys.
Susie was on Skid Row.
Susie was left out in the cold.
[ Inhaling, Sneezing ]
Abused, neglected,
she soon lost all her self-respect.
[ Hiccuping ]
And it was plain to see that she was getting out of line.
One dark night as she sat all by herself…
on a lonely street,
a stranger stepped out of the shadows.
Her oil ran cold.
[ Engine Starts ]
Susie was a stolen car!
[ Tires Sqealing ]
[ Man On Radio ] Calling Car 47. Watch for stolen car.
Small blue coupe, license number A72– – [ Siren Wailing ]
[ Siren Continues ]
[ Tires Screeching ]
[ Siren ]
[ Siren Winds-Down, then Winds-Up ]
[ RR Crossing Bells ]
[ Train Whooshing-By ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Crash ]
[ Narrator ] At last, the end had come.
She was a battered old wreck, and they dragged her away to the junkyard.
Susie had come to the end of her road.
[ Bird Singing ]
Hey, mister ! What do you want for this old, blue heap here ?
Uh, say about $15. ?
Aw, geez whiz. I’ve only got $12.50.
Well, take her away, son. She’s all yours.
[ Narrator ] They stripped her fenders, chopped her top,
shackled her down and hopped her up.
She felt 50,000 miles younger.
Yippie !
It was a miracle, that’s what it was.
And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer little car.
[ Happy Horns Blaring ]

KARAOKE SONG – “Hey Little Minivan”

On Deadman’s Curve
I used to shut ‘em down
I had the
♪hottest muscle♪
car in my hometown♪
I could burn rubber
in all four gears♪
But I haven’t done that
in a million years♪
♪Hey, little minivan♪
we’re goin’ to
the grocery store
She’s got an♪
♪automatic tranny♪
with overdrive♪
And the radio’s tuned♪
to Magic 95♪
She gets 30 miles♪
on a gallon of gas
And I can schlep♪
all the girls to
♪gymnastics class
♪Her headlights♪
on both night and day
The most practical
value in the USA♪
She’s got cruise control
♪ABS, and EFI♪
I keep her Michelins♪
at 32 PSI♪
♪Hey, little minivan♪
we’re goin’♪
to the children’s museum♪
On icy mornings♪
when I’m feeling my age
I’m protected♪
and warm
in my steel cage
♪Her climate control
♪really pumps out the heat
And her dual air bags♪
just can’t be beat
She’s rated real high
by Consumer Reports♪
And her two front seats♪
have got lumbar support
I’ve got the
good driver rate
and comprehensive♪
And she’s loaded with
♪electronic theft♪
Step away from the car
step away from the car
step away from the car
We’re a wild and rowdy♪
bunch when you
pass us by
♪Bobby’s buggin’♪
baby sister and
♪makin’ her cry
If I have to pull over
someone’s gonna pay
And it was fun, fun, fun
till Bobby took her♪
♪tether away
Fun, fun, fun, fun
♪Hey, little minivan♪
we’re goin’♪
to the pediatrician♪
Now the wife and
I hardly ever date
♪’cause the babysitter♪
♪has to be home by 8♪
We hurry through
dinner and
go out and park
With the fold-down seats♪
we can nap till dark
I dream of Barracudas♪
and souped-up ‘Vettes♪
♪Crazy games of chicken
and drag race bets♪
Then she wakes me up
and says, “Honey♪
♪don’t be sad
♪Our van’s the classic♪
♪Woody you never had♪
Now if I ever get tired♪
of my minivan♪
A red sports car
will make me young again
♪Hey, little minivan♪
we’re goin’♪
to the grocery store
We’ll get there
when we get there
♪Hey, little minivan♪
we’re goin’♪
to the grocery store
Why didn’t you think
of that before we left
♪Hey, little minivan♪
we’re goin’♪
to the grocery store
I don’t care who
hit who first
just stop it
♪Hey, little minivan♪
we’re goin’♪
to the grocery store
♪Don’t make me♪
come back there
If Larry♪
♪jumped off a cliff
would you do that, too
What did you do
with the last one
I gave you
♪Three kids♪
What were we thinking♪


I hang out at the end of words ♪
I’m a silent ‘e’ ♪
♪ yeah you gonna’ love me ♪
You can see me just fine
like a billboard sign
and I refuse to whine ♪
because I’m silent
♪ oh so silent

I hang out at the end of words ♪
You can’t hear me ♪
though you are near me ♪
I’m quiet by design♪
but I’m silent
♪ oh so silent

I hang out at the end of words ♪
I can sing this song
shout it loud and strong
and you can see me ♪
I won’t make a sound
you can slap me around
at the end of a word
I cannot be heard ♪
I won’t make a peep ♪
be it noun or verb
I just go to sleep
because I’m silent
♪ oh so silent

I hang out at the end of words ♪
Check me out
I can turn a cap
into a cape
I can turn a tap
into a tape ♪
I can turn a
♪ rip into a ripe
I can turn a kit ♪
into a kite ♪
and a bit
into a bite
I can turn Tim into time
I can turn a dim♪
into a dime ♪
and a grip ♪
into a gripe ♪

I hang out at the end of words ♪
I’m a silent ‘e’ ♪
♪ Yeah you gonna’ love me ♪
You can see me just fine
like a billboard sign
I’m seen but never heard ♪
at the end of the word
I’m always at the
end of the word
and makin’ real sure
the long vowel sound is heard♪
I’m powerful and strong
But don’t get me wrong
I’m just hangin’ around
not making a sound
at the end of a word
At the end of a word
At the end of a word
At the end of a word

NEWS – “Do Children Learn Better In Same-Sex Schools?”

This is Professor Binary Mouse
bringing you more news
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historical importance.
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Should girls go to school?
Is it better for boys
to attend all-boys’ schools?
Educators at a school
for girls in Washington,D.C.
children do better
in classes of the
same sex. But
other experts say there is
no real evidence
to support that idea.
They believe there are
other, more important things
that make a school
Excel Academy is the first
all-girl school
in Washington D.C.
that is independently
operated and supported
by taxpayers.
It opened its doors
in 2008.
One of its students is
10-year-old Anyreah
Anyreah attended
kindergarten in a
classroom with boys.
She has now been at Excel
for the last five years.
Anyreah says boys
have different interests
than girls.
She praises her school,
saying the staff makes
her feel like the smartest
person in the world.
The Excel Academy
provides free education
to children from families
without much money.
It serves more than
600 girls from preschool
through grade five.
Three meals are served
each day.
Kaye Savage
established the school
and is its leader.
She says that when
boys and girls are
taught together,
the teachers teach for
the boys.
She says boys
are a little louder
and much more active
than the girls.
She says she believes
that makes girls
second-class citizens
in their schools.
Elaine Weiss
is an Education
expert at the Economic
Policy Institute.
She believes
other considerations
besides same-sex
classes have a
bigger effect on
success in school.
She says
everything that happens
in children’s early
development is important.

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