KARAOKE SONG – “Alaska’s Worth More”

A salmon’s worth more

than its weight

in silver

A herring’s worth more

than its weight in gold

For her learning♪

that earns♪

the most valuable riches♪

♪are things that can

never be bought♪

or be sold♪

When the oil

hit our beaches♪

and threatened♪

♪our lifestyle♪

We search in

♪our hearts♪

for what’s♪

♪really at stake♪

We struggled and

♪realized in the

face of disaster♪

♪Alaska’s worth

more than the

money we make

♪Our beaches are♪

♪teaming with

♪wondrous creatures♪

Some just to look at

and others to eat

But how can we harvest

the food we are used to

with garbage and

♪tar balls♪

and sludge at our feet♪

A salmon’s worth more

than its weight

in silver

A herring’s worth more

than its weight in gold

For her learning♪

that earns♪

the most valuable riches♪

♪are things that can

never be bought♪

or be sold♪

A bright northern summer

♪spent busily fishing♪

with friends and family

and have set

♪their sights♪

We pull in our fishes♪

and all feel the riches♪

of sharing together

from dawn until night.♪

We set out to sea

with our nets and

♪our crab pots♪

To search the waters♪

for seafood to sell

But if we keep treating ♪

the sea like a cesspool♪

We’ll all lose

♪our living♪

and die from the smell

A salmon’s worth more

than its weight

in silver

A herring’s worth more

than its weight in gold

For her learning♪

that earns♪

the most valuable riches♪

♪are things that can

never be bought♪

or be sold♪

Leave some oil

in the ground

for future generations♪

Keep the beaches♪

free of plastics♪

from all nations♪

Keep your pesticides♪

and heavy metals♪

to yourselves♪

Stop the

♪sewage dumping♪

on the continental shelf

A salmon’s worth more

than its weight

in silver

A herring’s worth more

than its weight in gold

For her learning♪

that earns♪

the most valuable riches♪

♪are things that can

never be bought♪

or be sold♪

NEWS – “Honeybees In Trouble”

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A decline in the number of

honeybees is a growing

problem worldwide.

The decreasing bee


could contribute

to an increase

in prices for crops

that depend on

pollination by honeybees.

Researchers continue to

study the decline,

while beekeepers

like Terrence Ingram

struggle to keep their

bee colonies alive.

He says he loves

being at the centre

of a swarm of bees.

He has raised honeybees

since 1954,

in managed colonies

behind his house in rural

Apple River, Illinois.

He had 250 hives

at one time and sold

five or six tons

of honey a year.

But that number is


He says he is now down to

probably about four tons.

Not because

the 73-year-old beekeeper

is slowing down,

but because

there are fewer bees

producing honey.

He says the decline

in his bee population

began in 1996.

He blames that decline

on the use of insecticides

and herbicides

on the farmland

surrounding his property.

By the end of the

year,he says,

he did not have any

of his 250 hives left.

That caught the attention

of researchers

like Christian Krupke,

a professor at

Purdue University.

Experts say

there are many reasons

for the worldwide

bee decline,

not just insecticides.

But in this case

Professor Krupke and

his colleagues thought


might be the cause.

So they studied

insecticides known as


that are applied to seeds

as they are planted

in the ground,

rather than sprayed

from above.

This December,

the European Union

plans to ban the use

of some insecticides

that researchers

have linked to bee deaths.


AP makes the “ap” sound.
The letter M makes ‘MUH’ sound.
Let us say the ‘MUH’ sound.
‘MUH’, ‘MUH’, ‘MUH’
Let’s say them together now.
Ready? Are you ready?
Let’s go.
We just made a word.
The letter R makes the ‘RUH’ sound.
Let’s all say the ‘RUH’ sound
We’re moving for sure!
We just made a word.
The words TAP and SLAP,
also make the ‘AP’ sound.
Let’s dance as we sound along
using these new words.
The letters A and P♪
always say AP♪
You’ll find them in the words♪
CAP and LAP♪
MAP and RAP♪
What you said!♪
The letters A and P♪
always say AP♪
♪R says ‘RUH’♪
Put ‘RUH’ before AP♪
♪RUH-AP always♪ says RAP♪
♪C sounds like ‘CUH’♪
Put ‘CUH’ before AP♪
♪CUH-AP makes CAP
You know T says ‘TUH’♪
Put ‘TUH’ before AP♪
and you know it makes TAP
Now we’re gonna’ use
some of these words♪
in the silliest song
that you have ever heard♪
I love to RAP♪
When I’m on my mom’s LAP♪
and I won’t take a NAP♪
♪Til you give me a SLAP♪
When you give me a SLAP♪
I’m continue my RAP♪
while my fingers SNAP♪
and my feet go TAP
and my hands go CLAP♪
but I lost my MAP
to return to my momma’s LAP♪
♪Oh CRAP!♪
That’s the end of my RAP♪
Now you can say words
that sound like ‘AP’
If you remember my RAP
You can always come back
to the sounds of ‘AP’
Just before you NAP
but first let’s dance, dance, dance, dance, dance!


VIDEO – “Save Our Seals”

Sorry I was so late. I was held up waiting for supplies.
Van Heardon here. McKenzie is taking over now.
It’s a pity you weren’t here this morning.
Then I might have been there on the other side of the island in time.
For what?
They came in at dawn.
I heard the shots and got over to the other side as soon as possible.
But they had already gone.
Were they local boys?
I don’t know.
They were too far away.
What’s that?
The only survivor.
Come on I’ll show you.
Well, here he is.
Ah, the poor little fellow.
What will you do with him?
Oh, I thought I might bring him home. Be a surprise for the kids.
He certainly will.
Hello sweetie.
Come on how are you?
See? Hey. Here’s a warning. Tried to bite.
Mommy! Mommy!
What is it?
Daddy’s coming.
Lunch is nearly ready. Go and wash your hands.
Hello, Ann.
Hello, David. How are you?
Sorry I am late.
McKinsey was held up.
You’re here now.
You look worried. What’s the matter?
Those wretched poachers again. Third time this year.
If they have to come stealing, why do they have to choose our island?
Daddy, I’m hungry.
So am I, let’s eat.
Oh, I almost forgot.
First of all, I have a surprise for you.
There is somebody coming to lunch with us.
Wait a minute.
But Jan,why didn’t you warn me?
I told you it’s a surprise.
He’s waiting outside.
Waiting outside?
Uh huh, I’ll bring him in.
Come on in.
Come on boy.
Now children watch your manners.
Yes Mommy.
Here he is.
Come in my friend.
Look Ann, it’s a seal.
Isn’t he lovely?
I should have known you were joking.
Daddy, where did he come from?
I found him.
alone on the island.
I’m afraid his mother and father are dead.
Karen, have we got any fish?
Yes, in the fridge.
Poor Sandy.
How’d you know he’s called Sandy?
I think that is a good name for him. Don’t you think so?
You mean he is going to stay with us?
How wonderful!
Be careful! He might bite you.
We’ll have to get a tank in the back yard.
And you children are going to look after him.
You must take turns to feed him.
and soon he will trust you.
Like he’s trusting me, you see?
There’s a good lad.
Come on.
You must clean it.
And there goes our lunch.
Everything is strange to him.
Imagine how you would feel
suddenly introduced to a family of seals.
You know, seals are very intelligent animals.
Once Sandy learns to trust you,
you can start to train him.
But Jan, could’t that be dangerous?
Not if the children are careful.
And, perhaps in training him,
they might even learn something themselves.
Looks as if starting today, we are a family of five.
That danged outboard motor is giving trouble again.
Where are the children?
Down on the rocks with Sandy.
I might have guessed.
Where can I find that opener?
On the mantle piece, where you left it.
Maybe they’re spending too much time with him.
Oh, I don’t think so.
You know. When you first brought Sandy home,
I wasn’t at all sure it was a good idea.
But, it’s given David and Ann a sense of responsibility.
Something for them to look after.
You know he’s becoming very clever.
We’d better start a circus.
No. Seriously.
I do think Sandy is teaching the children
as much as they’re teaching him.
Well let’s hope he is bringing them up the right way.
But my experience with seals is that they’re cunning little rascals.
and not altogether honest.
We’ll see.
David! Ann!
Come in children.
I’m telling you Mrs. Van Heardon.
If I catch those kids of yours,
I’ll skin them alive.
That da*n seal is right in the deck of my boat.
Polishing off my fish as if he hadn’t been fed for weeks.
But how did he get onboard?
I don’t know. I don’t know. I was sitting right there next to the gangway.
He couldn’t have got past me.
Look, I don’t want to make any trouble Mrs. Van Heardon.
But your kids must have helped him over the side.
I don’t know how but they must have helped him over the side.
There’s only one way to find out.
Do you know Mr. Jacobson?
Good afternoon, Mr. Jacobson.
Afternoon, Mr. Jacobson.
Now David. And you too Ann.
I want to hear the truth.
Did you help Sandy get aboard Mr. Jacobson’s boat today so that he could eat the fish?
No Mommy.
Absolutely not.
And that’s the truth?
Then maybe you can tell me how he did get on board the boat.
How did he get onboard?
If you do know, and won’t tell, that’s just as bad as not telling the truth.
Alright, you go straight to bed and think about it until you do know.
He wants us.
It’s that damn seal again. Now what does he want?
That’s better than the circus.
So that’s how he got on my boat.
He climbed up the mooring rope.
to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Sandy.
Happy Birthday to you.
And now blow on the candle.
one, two, three
Now cut the cake Ann.
Oh, what’s Sandy going to have?
I made him a special cake.
A fish cake.
A fish cake?
Where is it?
I’ll go and get it.
It’s hard to realize that it’s only 12 months since Sandy came to stay.
It seems longer than that.
I sometimes think their whole lives center around him.
Now I’m going to make a speech.
Ladies and gentlemen,
and Sandy,
This is really Sandy’s birthday.
Or as near to it as we can figure.
But the birthday present I am going to give,
is for all three of you.
It’s outside in the yard. Come on. I’ll show you.
Daddy, it’s wonderful! Is it really all ours?
It belongs to the family.
But it’s your responsibility just like Sandy.
Now we can really go swimming and fishing.
But not too far out.
Only when you have your mother’s permission.
You better keep an eye on Sandy too.
If you don’t want to lose him.
Sandy would never leave us.
Would you Sandy?
I wonder what Sandy is barking at that boat for.
I don’t know.
Let’s go and see.
What is it David?
It’s seal skins.
They’re poachers.
That’s why Sandy was barking.
What are we going to do?
Let’s go.
What are you kids doing here?
Playing hide and seek.
This is private property. You can’t play hide and seek here. Get off.
What were those kids doing onboard?
Playing a game so they said.
They’re Van Heardon’s brats with that damn seal.
Why weren’t you watching the boat?
I can’t be everywhere at once.
You’re never anywhere when you’re wanted.
Were they in the hold?
That meant they may have seen something.
Come on, we’ve got work to do.
Mommy! Mommy!
Easy now, what is it?
It’s the fishing boat in the harbor.
Mr. Lowenstein’s boat
We found some seal skins.
It’s true Mommy.
Well you..you better tell Daddy.
Found some seal skins?
Yes, Mommy.
What’s all of the noise about?
Better ask the children.
What’s the matter?
We found some seal skins in Mr. Lowenstein’s boat.
They are poachers Daddy. Poachers!
You could be right.
Lowenstein is a gambler.
and not a lucky one.
If anyone needed money around here and wasn’t too particular on how he got it.
He’d be the man.
Where are you going?
To have a little talk with Mr. Lowenstein.
Where you going?
Where’s Lowenstein?
He’s ashore.
I’d like to have a look down below.
My orders are to stop any strangers going aboard.
I’d still like to have a look down below.
Nice work Van Heardon!
You should teach your mate better maners Lowenstein.
This is good you give him a good lesson already.
Plus, he was only obeying orders.
We’ve had a few trespassers round about.
Can’t be too careful, somebody might steal something.
You don’t approve stealing do you?
I don’t approve of anybody stealing anything of mine.
I see.
How’s business?
Oh. Can’t grumble.
The price of fish is very low but ..uh
by all accounts you live very pretty high.
Oh, just a rumor.
I’m a gambling man. People talk.
I understand.
You seem to have a very clean ship.
May I have a look down below?
Be my guest.
Thank you
and below.
Looks as though you did your spring cleaning quite recently.
Disinfected. Very hygienic.
Strong enough to kill a smell of seal’s skin, huh?
Strong enough for anything.
Even rumors.
More than a rumor.
We’ve got poachers in these waters.
Three times already they have raided seal island.
The fourth time they won’t get away with it.
To catch them, you’ll need evidence.
The best of it, will be the poachers. Know what I mean?
I know what you mean Mr. Van Heardon.
That’s good.
Well, I’ll be off now.
Well, come back again. You’re welcome anytime.
Isn’t he Lofty?
You think you’re pretty smart?
Smart enough not to pick a fight with Van Heardon.
You’re planning another poaching trip?
We’ll lay low for a couple of months.
Where’s the money coming from?
Don’t worry. My luck has changed.
By the end of the month, I’ll have so much money we could forget about seals.
I hope you’re right.
I’d still like to get my hands on Van Heardon
Patience Lofty.
Hello there.
Good morning Mr. Jacobson.
What happened to Sandy?
We left him at home.
In that case, would you like to come fishing with me?
Oh, yes please.
Yes please.
Alright now, that you’re part of my crew,
you can take these and put them on the boat.
On board with you.
Come in!
Hello Mr. Jacobson.
Morning, Mrs. Van Heardon.
I came to see you about the children.
Oh, don’t tell me they’ve been up to mischief again.
No, not this time. Just the opposite, in fact.
I don’t understand.
Well, when I was down by the harbor this morning I saw your children
and I asked them to come fishing with me.
Oh, that’s where they’ve been.
Nothing has happened to them has it?
Oh no no. They’re all right.
They’re on their way now.
I came on ahead to speak to you.
It seems Mrs. Van Heardon
I’m a fair man, I hope.
A little bit quick tempered at times, but a fair man.
as a fisherman I’ve
grateful to God for providence.
And I believe
providence made me take your two children aboard today.
I’m afraid I still don’t understand.
I owe my life to your two children.
I came to thank you.
Ah, here they are now.
Look, mommy! It’s all for Sandy!
Well, you two children earned it alright.
But that’s enough fish to last him for weeks!
Oh, if you know Sandy as I do I wouldn’t count on it
Mrs. Van Heardon. Mark my words.
What is it, David?
I just found Sandy in the village.
He was being chased by a dog.
What did you do with him?
Put him back in his pen.
I think the real trouble with Sandy is that he needs some exercise.
Why don’t you take him fishing?
May we?
Please, mummy!
Yes, but remember last time. No swimming.
We promise?
Let’s go and get him.
We’d better go.
Sandy! Sandy!
I’m afraid it’s no use. We’ve got to go!
Oh Jan!
Don’t worry.
I’m going down to the beach.
Of course I’m worried.
Better get some warm blankets ready.
What’s the matter?
We’ve lost Sandy.
Oh, never mind!
But he’s lost.
We’ll find him.
Don’t you worry.
But how?
Never mind.
As long as you both are safe.
I’m sure he’ll make his way home.
Do you think he will?
I hope so.
I really hope so.
Have you seen our seal?
What did you say?
We’ve lost Sandy.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.
What did the Van Heardon’s kids want?
They lost their seal.
They’re not the only ones to lose anything.
What’s the matter with you?
Just picked this up from the post office. It’s from the damn finance people.
They want the boat back.
Well, I thought you said you have sent the money this month.
I was kidding. I lost it.
But you told me that..
Alright, it was a lie.
Money’s gone and I lost it at the races.
What are we going to do now?
There’s only one thing for it.
We need dough and quickly.
It’s gotta be.
Next weekend. Where it’s quietest.
Alright, that’s just one thing I hope for.
What’s that?
If Van Heardon tries to interfere
Come on, Anne. You’re not eating.
I’m not hungry.
Not hungry? What’s the matter?
Just not hungry.
Neither am I.
Oh dear, something’s got to be done!
Sandy’s been gone for three days,
and I swear neither of the children have finished one meal since he disappeared.
You’ll have to get over it.
It looks as though Sandy’s gone for good.
But daddy, how could he?
He’s simply gone back to his old life.
You can’t blame him.
But this is his home!
You’re right to think it’s his home.
We’re not really his family.
Jan, see what it is will you?
David, Anne, quickly!
It’s not Sandy, it’s another seal!
Sandy’s brought a friend home!
From the look of things Sandy’s brought a wife.
Well, I think that’s everything.
I always seem to be packing or unpacking for you.
That’s the way it is.
A month on the island, a month at home.
It’s a little bit like marriage.
For better, or for worse.
That doesn’t make the months you’re away any better.
Could we come down to the boat with you?
Oh yes, Daddy. Please?
Let’s all go