Here at Your Virtual World we’ve been working very hard to update and upgrade the talking picture dictionary located HERE. This dictionary/thesaurus serves several purposes for our English language students. As a standalone dictionary it provides standard definitions for the 2,284 words on our “critical vocabulary listas well as the most important synonyms associated with each of these terms. In almost all cases, phrases or complete sentences are provided as examples of how the word is used in common speech. At the click of a button the entire page containing the example phrases, synonyms, and definitions will be slowly spoken aloud. All students can benefit significantly by reading aloud along with the page’s audio playback as a way to better absorb the definition as well as proper pronunciation.

Just as the words on this page are underlined in red, so to are the words in the dictionary. By hovering the mouse over each of these underlined words, you will see a tooltip containing a short excerpt of the definition. By clicking on any of the underlined words you will be taken directly to the dictionary’s full definition page. To help you better understand both the spoken and written definition of a term the complete page can be translated to any of approximately 90 different languages. The spoken definition provided on this page will continue to be provided in English but if you choose, any of the text on this or any other page on the site can be copied and pasted into text box provided by Google Translate and Google Translate will read these words aloud in any one of the available languages. See below:

Our next Movie Module is entitled “Save Our Seals”. It is currently nearing completion. While strolling on the nearby beach one day, a lighthouse keeper finds a lone seal in desperate need of his help. Poachers have been randomly harassing the local seal population. They are illegally harming the seals in order to sell the skins. The lighthouse keeper rescues this lone seal and gives it to his children to look after. Although he doesn’t realize it at the time, the whole family is drawn into the shadowy world of illegal seal poaching. The family then finds themselves leading the fight to rid their coastal town of the criminals and save the seal population. At Your Virtual World we attempt to provide Movie Modules that are enlightening as well as linguistically educational.

Try a FREE Movie Module™! YOUR VIRTUAL WORLD is dedicated to helping anybody who wishes to learn English. We teach English online at this website so anybody can learn English on the Internet using interactive lessons, exercises, videos with English karaoke subtitles, and many resources like our interactive talking dictionary and language translation tools. Need ESL, EFL, IELTS, TOEFL, MTELP, TOEIC, or Cambridge ESOL preparation help? Let YOUR VIRTUAL WORLD be your English language learning provider!

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